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The way you view your own abilities has a profound effect on how you ultimately perform. If you don’t believe you can achieve your goals, then you definitely won’t.
To achieve success you need to think outside of your current psyche. Coming from a sporting background, I’ve realized that the psychology and mental side is so important and can be the difference between winning and loosing.
Stanford psychologist Carol Dweck states there are two mindsets. A ‘fixed mindset’ is one where intelligence and ability is unchangeable, and success is defined by our current standpoint. A ‘growth mindset’ is one that thrives on challenges and sees difficulty as a chance to improve intellect and ability, always moving forward with every hurdle. Dweck says that these are established at a young age and characterise much of our behaviour. But your mindset can very easily be changed.
The biggest problem with personal mindset is our relationship with failure. When people criticise us, or we don’t get the results we expect, it’s easy to feel defeated and focus on how this effects us negatively. The challenge is to learn from failure, and not let it get in the way of success and treat any disappointment as a challenge to overcome and a chance improve, rather than a reason to quit.
When we apply this to fitness goals, it’s important to reflect on why targets aren’t being reached. If you’re disappointed with yourself, be honest about what is going wrong. Either training is not dynamic enough, or dietary and nutrition needs aren’t being met. Whatever it is, it’s not because you aren’t capable, so make sure you don’t let it be the reason you stop!
This is about much more than just positive thinking, this is about becoming a keen learner and actively seeking opportunities to better yourself. It’s essential to be focused, motivated and willing to adapt.
To make progress it’s about activating your mind as well as your muscles. It’s important engage people with positive interaction in the belief that they are all capable of success. By combining this psychology with the correct training and an environment that is encouraging and proactive, you will achieve results!! ‘The Body Achieves What The Mind Believes.’
Train hard, eat right and enjoy the journey.
Oliver – BlitzFitMe
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