Functional interval training, suitable for all fitness levels and tailored accordingly


Our Blitz F.I.T. fitness classes are for all abilities, ages, shapes and sizes using a mix of equipment, cardio and bodyweight in a HIIT format. Every class is designed to be muscularly balanced in keeping our clients fit and strong whilst keeping their interest going by training in a fun and friendly environment, ensuring each session is varied.

We strive to ensure our clients have a positive and enjoyable experience whilst achieving their health and fitness goals, whether it’s for weight loss, body strengthening, building muscle, toning, self-esteem, health/medical problems or sports specific events. We are always mindful of the fact that every client should be able to achieve their goals at a realistic price that ensures nobody will be denied the opportunity to better themselves, so we periodically offer schemes, special programs and discounted block bookings.

Please see membership packages and timetables for Essex and Suffolk below.  Gold and Platinum membership packages give you unlimited training.