What is a BlitzFitMe session like?

BlitzFitMe is functional, varied, effective training inclusive of all fitness levels.  The sessions are always varied to ensure you stay motivated and keep improving.  It’s a whole body workout designed to improve your stamina, speed, agility and strength in a fun and interesting way.

Each member is encouraged to work at their own ability level and exercises will be tailored accordingly.  Sessions start with a warm up, exercise technique and core activation, followed by exercise intervals of between 15-45 seconds, finishing with a cool down and stretch.

Sessions are run in friendly and relaxed environments allowing you to get the most out of your training program and newcomers are always made to feel welcome.  We are committed to helping you be the best you can be.

Do I need to check with a doctor before I attend a session?

You need to complete and sign our lifestyle questionnaire which is part of the registration process and hand to your instructor before you start your first session.  This will be given to you at the beginning of your session.  Women who are pregnant should check with their GP before starting any sessions.

Do I need to be super fit?

No.  It’s about getting started at whatever level you are at and then improving week by week.  All we say is that you need to be committed to improving your level of fitness with a good workout.  If you lack motivation then we are here to help.  Our trainer to client support will ensure you’re encouraged and motivated – we’re here to help you get fit.  We cater for all fitness levels and there are always harder or easier exercises and regular breaks if you need them.  Members range from men and women of all shapes and sizes from ages 16 to 70.

Can I try a class before I commit to a membership package?

Yes.  We offer a free trial session to all new attendees so that you can see if our friendly environment and varied training approach is what you want.

Are you ready to attend your free first session?

How do I sign up for my free trial?

Just get in touch with the office saying which venue you would like to try by clicking below:

What should I wear?

A decent pair of sports specific trainers is all you really need.  Fashion trainers are not advisable as they offer little support or grip and you may run the risk of injury and long term postural problems if you wear them to your session.  Other than that, whatever gym/sports clothing you feel comfortable training in.

Will I be shouted at?

No.  You will not be shouted at directly.  However, our instructors care and are here to motivate and will offer words of encouragement to keep the session enthused, so that everybody gets the most out of their workout.  Our instructors pride themselves on helping their clients and they love a bit of chat.  However, ultimately our instructors are here for you to achieve your health and fitness goals.

Do I need to take my own drink?

Yes and we advise water over fizzy/sugary drinks as it avoids dehydration and maintains your training levels.  You will get breaks throughout the session and can always take longer if you need to.

How do I become a member?

After you have attended your free trial session, you will receive a welcome email setting out the services and packages we provide.  You can sign up to one of those membership packages which range from pay as you go, block sessions or monthly options.  This can be done online or by cash at your next session.  Our different packages cater for all training commitments whether you’re a casual trainer or super-intense.

What venues can I attend?

When you become a member of BlitzFitMe through any of our membership options, you are entitled to attend whichever of our venues you wish.

How long are the sessions?

Each session lasts for one hour which includes warm up and cool down.

Can I take a friend along?

Members are very welcome to introduce friends to any session and they can train for free for their first session.  We also periodically offer referral offers which will be provided upon request.

Who do I contact if I have any further questions?

For any further information you require please contact us using the link below: