BlitzFitMe is a health and fitness company which offers long term lifestyle solutions through sustainable exercise and nutrition programs.

We work across a variety of sectors from individuals, companies, sports teams, education and more. All with the same goal to achieve long term health and happiness.

Everybody’s story, starting point and aim is different. There are no gimmicks, quick fixes, or magic pill, it comes down to proper nutrition, maintaining an ongoing lifestyle change, training hard but to clients’ own capabilities and above all the work and commitment they put in. We provide 100% support with 100% results and pride ourselves on supporting each person who comes to us.

We believe that although people should achieve their full potential and be pushed to their limits, training should be achievable and fun. No two clients are the same so it’s essential we get to know all our clients and work out their capabilities and support and encourage them to attain the results they desire.

Every goal can be achieved while understanding that everybody’s requirements are different.  As a result of this, we ensure that our sessions are tailored to reflect clients’ different needs while being able to push them to their limits in an enjoyable way.

We have an unrelenting desire to promote health, fitness and wellbeing and to ensure a greater quality of life to all our clients, for whatever their own personal reasons are.  It could be weight loss, toning up, a better understanding and enjoyment of nutrition, becoming stronger, preparing for a sporting event or generally becoming fitter and feeling more confident about themselves.

We feel strongly that every client should be able to achieve their goals at a realistic price that ensures nobody will be denied the opportunity to better themselves, so we are always mindful of this in periodically introducing schemes, special programmes and discounted block bookings.

So every day, every session my team and I are dedicated in helping people achieve their goals, powered by our passion to motivate, support and be with you all the way on your fitness and wellbeing journey.

Train hard, eat clean and enjoy the journey.